Bodies at the Crossing

Unique archival works printed with the historical process of palladium on handmade Japanese gampi papers to match the organic nature of tattooed skin, plants and animals.
Her Serpents, 2016, 30X21.5"
Burst, 2017, 24X21"
Tiger Strikes, 2016, 25X14"
Touch & Release, 2016, 24X28"
Reaching, 2017, 36X21"
Her Monarch Wings, 2017, 21X24"
Balance of a Smile, 2017, 21X13.5"
Huntress, 2107,19X19"
The Wave of Her Shoulder, 2017, 24X21"
Her Mantis Connection, 2017, 21X24"
Her Eagle, 2016, 21X14"
Octopus Entanglement, 2017, 34X21"
Into the Unknown, 2017, 24X19"
Reaching for Life's Ladder, 2017, 21.5X15.5"
Bellyful, 2017,18X16.5
Enter the Forest, 2017, 21X19"
Embrace, 2017,21X19"
His Pine Tree, 2017, 21X19"
Strong as a Tree, 2017, 18X14.5"
Branch To Lean On, 2017, 19X15"